English Genealogy 101

Course Id: 2174-10
Course Start Date: 05-05-2014- Course End Date: 05-30-2014
Instructor: Lisa Alzo
Available Seats: 26      
Tuition: $99.99


  • You have Anglo ancestry but don’t know where in England to search
  • You have known English roots and want to “cross the pond” to begin overseas research
  • You know that your ancestors migrated from England, but need help tracking down their immigration records
  • You want to trace your roots back to England, but don’t know where to start in the US

From the 13 Original Colonies to London to Liverpool, whether your ancestors were Redcoats in the Revolutionary War or peasants during the rule of House Plantagenet, it's time to track down your English roots. Break into your British Isles genealogy with this 4-week course on Anglo ancestry designed to help students identify their English immigrant ancestors and pinpoint where exactly in England they came from.


  • Historical background on England, English immigrants, and how this may have effected your ancestors
  • How to explore US sources such as vital records, census records, church records, and others to track down your Anglo family
  • What to look for in naturalization records, customs lists, passenger lists and other emigration records 
Key resources for searching within England, with strategies such as using maps and gazetteers, English-American genealogical organizations and more

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Learn Historical Background

  1. The Origins of England and English

 I. Henry VIII and the Church of England

  1. Getting Started

 I. Setting goals

  1. Identifying Immigrant Ancestors
  2. Emigration Records in England
  3. Next Steps
  4. Recommended Reading
  5. Quiz

Lesson 2: Explore US Sources

  1. Where and When?
  2. Sorting Out Similar Names
  3. Geography and Mapping Your Ancestors
  4. Understanding Dates and Calendar Changes
  5. Latin and Handwriting in Old Documents
  6. Assessing English Records Online
  7. Using the Family History Library
  8. Next Steps
  9. Recommended Reading
  10. Quiz

Lesson 3: Find Your Family’s Immigration Records

  1. Using Census Records
  2. A Walk Through The Census
  3. The ABCs of BMDs
  4. Getting Started with Civil Registration Research
  5. Next Steps
  6. Recommended Reading
  7. Quiz

Lesson 4: Pinpoint the Place of Origin

  1. England’s Official Church
  2. Going Back in Time with Church Records
  3. Probing Probate Records
  4. Military Records: Redcoat Research
  5. Other Resources and Records

 I. Land and Property Records

 II. Newspapers and Periodicals

 III. Court Records

  1. Next Steps
  2. Recommended Reading
  3. Quiz