Power Course: Louisiana Genealogy

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Instructor: Lisa Alzo
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  • You want to learn about top resources for Louisiana genealogy
  • You've come to a brick wall in researching your Bayou State ancestors and need help moving forward
  • You've got roots in New Orleans and want to know where to find records

If the US is a melting pot, the convergence of culture evident in New Orleans,Baton Rouge and other Louisiana cities is more like a zesty jumbalaya, exploding with diverse flavors. Many French, Spanish, American Indian and African-American genealogists can trace their roots back to this Southern state, making the Louisiana Genealogy Crash Course perfect for family tree tracers looking to learn more about their relatives’ lives along the Mississippi. Learn special tips and techniques for tracing the tales of your Bayou State ancestors in this week-long power course.

Family Tree University Power Courses are designed to provide a concentrated dose of genealogy education on a single topic. Students have a week to go through approximately two hours of course material. In less time than it would take to cook a sack of crawfish,  you’ll boost your research and leave with new tips and tricks to help you find your ancestors. This course is self-led and does not contain any graded exercises, but instructors are available to answer any and every question you may post on the Discussion Board.

Note: Unlike other Family Tree University courses that begin on a set date, our power courses begin as soon as you register! You'll have immediate access for 7 days. For those 7 days, you'll be able to interact on the message boards, ask questions of the instructor, and read or view all course materials. All course materials are also available for download in the course, so you can keep a copy of everything in case you don't have time to go through everything during your 7 days of access.

Course Outline


  • Brief history of the state, including immigration and details regarding ethnic groups
  • Unique repositories and top websites for Louisiana
  • Where to find vital, military, land and other records
  • A breakdown of Louisiana counties, including info on historical maps
  • Records and resources specific to New Orleans


  • One-hour Louisiana Genealogy Crash Course video
  • PDF guide on Louisiana Genealogy explaining how-tos, fast facts, key websites and resources, and a timeline of state history
  • In-depth PDF Sourcebook with a historical overview, record highlights, reference map with county boundaries, bibliography of Louisiana state resources and directory of archives, libraries and societies—plus a breakdown of what records are available in each county and where to get them
  • PDF guide on finding your family in New Orleans


  • This Power Course assumes you understand the basics principles of genealogy. The first course in our First Steps series--Discover Your Family Tree--will provide a helpful foundation for genealogy beginners.