Power Course: Massachusetts Genealogy

Course Id: 2155-5
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Instructor: Lisa Alzo
Available Seats: 12      
Tuition: $39.99
Family Tree University Power Courses are designed to give you an intense dose of learning on one topic. You’ll have one week to go through about two hours worth of course materials. In the time it takes to watch a movie, you’ll give your research skills a huge boost, and come away with new tools and techniques that you can use immediately to find more ancestors.

In this course, you’ll learn all you need to know to successfully trace your ancestors in Massachusetts. Whether you’re brand-new to Massachusetts genealogy or have already begun your research, you’ll discover tips, hints and resources to discover your Bay State family tree.

Note: Unlike other Family Tree University courses that begin on a set date, our power courses begin as soon as you register! You'll have immediate access for 7 days. For those 7 days, you'll be able to interact on the message boards, ask questions of the instructor, and read or view all course materials. All course materials are also available for download in the course, so you can keep a copy of everything in case you don't have time to go through everything during your 7 days of access.

Course Outline


  • Essential state history that will influence your genealogy search
  • Research strategies unique to Massachusetts genealogy
  • Details about the state’s key genealogy records and where to find them, online, on microfilm and in libraries
  • Records availability for each county
  • Tips for tracing Massachusetts immigrants and pioneers, as well as military ancestors


  • A one-hour video presentation on Massachusetts genealogy records and research strategies
  • A quick-reference PDF guide explaining Massachusetts genealogy how-tos, fast facts, key websites and resources and a timeline of Massachusetts history
  • A in-depth PDF guide with a historical overview, record highlights, reference map with county boundaries, bibliography of state resources and directory of archives, libraries and societies—plus a breakdown of what records are available in each county and where to get them
  • A PDF city guide of Boston that documents key websites, resources and research strategies


  • Family historians who are doing research in Massachusetts for the first time
  • Genealogists with Massachusetts ancestors who need ideas to further their research or overcome Massachusetts brick walls
  • Anyone with two hours to spare who wants to learn skills they can apply immediately


  • This course assumes you understand the basics principles of genealogy. The first course in the First Steps series, Discover Your Family Tree, is a helpful foundation if you’ve never done genealogical research before.