Scandinavian Genealogy 101 (9/22/14 - 10/17/14)

Course Id: 2153-19
Course Start Date: 09-22-2014- Course End Date: 10-17-2014
Instructor: Diana Smith
Available Seats: 24      
Tuition: $99.99
According to Norse mythology, the gods molded the first humans out of tree trunks. While those looking to trace their family back to a pine or spruce may be out of luck, this class is ideal for individuals seeking ancestral roots in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Though the prospect of researching Scandinavian ancestors can be as intimidating as a Viking warship, you’ll fast quell your fear of these northern European countries by learning how to navigate the icy waters of patronymic names. Genealogists with ancestry in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and surrounding territories will learn the history and geography of each region, their terms and language, how to find and use church records, as well as how to research names within a patronymic system.

Course Outline


  • History and geography of Scandinavian countries—and what it means for your research
  • Using patronymics—the systems and techniques
  • Genealogical language and terminology
  • Using church records
  • Finding and using other records


  • Genealogists with known Scandinavian roots who want to “cross the pond” and begin their overseas research (this class isn’t designed for intermediate to advanced researchers who have significant experience using sources from Scandinavia)
  • Members of Scandinavian heritage clubs or churches who wish to expand their family trees and honor their heritage
  • Researchers with Northern European roots in Denmark,Norway, Sweden and surrounding countries at the time many Northern Europeans immigrated to America
  • Librarians serving areas where many Northern Europeans settled, whose patrons are descendants of Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or Icelandic immigrants