Using Marriage and Divorce Records

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Instructor: Lisa Alzo
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Our 2-Week courses are designed to help beginning genealogists develop a solid foundation of research skills. While expert instructors are on hand to answer any questions, they play a far less active role than in our 4-week offerings. In this course, you'll learn the basics on how to find, analyze and cite marriage and divorce records for your US ancestors.
    •    How to find and analyze marriage certificates
    •    How to find other records of marriages when official marriage certificates are unavailable
    •    How to find and use divorce records
    •    How to cite marriage and divorce records

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Overview of Source Types and Vital Records Research
A. Types of evidence
      I. Primary/Secondary
      II. Original/Derivative

   B. Citing Sources
C. Vital Records Overview
       I. Requesting records
       II. Records restrictions
D. Exercise
Lesson 2: Marriage Records

   A. Official marriage records
      I. Finding official marriage records
      II. Types of official marriage records
B. Other marriage records

   C. Marriage record indexes

   D. Citing marriage records

   E. Exercise
Lesson 3: Divorce and Stillbirth Records

   A. Divorce records
      I. Types of divorce records
      II. Finding divorce records
B. Citing sources
C. Exercise