Using Birth Records

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Instructor: Lisa Alzo
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Our 2-Week courses are designed to help beginning genealogists develop a solid foundation of research skills. While expert instructors are on hand to answer any questions, they play a far less active role than in our 4-week offerings.

In this course, you'll learn the basics on how to find, analyze and cite birth records for your US ancestors.

    •    How to find and analyze official birth certificates, including delayed, stillbirth and amended birth certificates
    •    How to find other birth records when official birth certificates are unavailable
    •    How to find and use birth indexes
    •    How to cite birth records

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Overview of Source Types and Vital Records Research

   A. Types of evidence

      I. Primary/Secondary

      II. Original/Derivative

   B. Citing Sources
C. Vital Records Overview

      I. Requesting records
II. Records restrictions

   D. Exercise
Lesson 2: Working With Official Birth Records

   A. Official birth certificates
I. Finding a birth certificate
II. Examining birth certificates
III. Amended birth certificates
IV. Delayed birth certificates
V. Stillbirth certificates

   B. Citing birth sources
C. Exercise
Lesson 3: Alternative Birth Records

   A. Birth-related resources
B. Birth indexes
C. Citing alternative birth records
D. Exercise