Discover Your Family Tree: Genealogy for the Absolute Beginner

Course Id: 2125-64
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Instructor: Lisa Alzo
Available Seats: 47      
Tuition: $19.99
Our 2-Week courses are designed to help beginning genealogists develop a solid foundation of research skills. While expert instructors are on hand to answer any questions, they play a far less active role than in our 4-week offerings.

When you’re a family history newbie, the prospect of diving into your roots research can seem overwhelming. This course will start you on the fun and rewarding journey of discovering your roots. Learn how to begin, where to look for information to extend your family tree, what to do with what you find and how to put it all together.
    •    How to fill out a family tree chart
    •    How to record and organize information
    •    Where to find information to extend your family tree
    •    How to search online and in repositories
    •    Anyone new to genealogy and family history research
    •    Genealogy “dabblers” who need additional direction in order to advance their research
    •    Researchers who want a refresher course on core family history research principles
    •    Library and archive staff who want to master basic genealogy principles in order to better assist patrons
    •    Basic details about recent generations of your family (parents and grandparents’ names, etc.)
    •    A computer printer (or access to one)
    •    Word processing software
    •    free Adobe Reader software for viewing PDFs (download it from Adobe)
    •    three-ring binder with tabbed dividers and a hole punch

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Family History Basics
    •    What do You Know?
    •    Interview Your Relatives
    ◦    Interview questions
    •    Keeping Track of Your Tree Using Forms
    ◦    Surname list
    ◦    Pedigree chart
    ◦    Family group sheets
    •    Genealogy Glossary
    •    How Are You Related?
    •    Establishing Goals
    •    Quiz
Lesson 2: Recording and Organizing Information
    •    Using Paper Forms and Worksheets
    ◦    Census forms
    •    Using Genealogy Software
    ◦    How to choose a program
    ◦    What is GEDCOM?
    •    Citing Sources
    ◦    The importance of documentation
    ◦    Citation guidance
    •    Starting Your Search Online
    ◦    FamilySearch
    •    Quiz
Lesson 3: Extending Your Family Tree
    •    Federal and State Censuses
    •    Vital Records
    •    Land Records
    •    Newspapers
    •    City Directories
    •    Immigration Records
    •    Quiz