How to Make a Free Family Website (7/21/2014 - 8/15/2014)

Course Id: 2121-38
Course Start Date: 07-21-2014- Course End Date: 08-15-2014
Instructor: Lisa Alzo
Available Seats: 22      
Tuition: $99.99


  • You are a family historian who'd like to share your research with the world
  • You have a spread-out family and would like to reconnect with lost kin
  • You’d like to build a place online to share family stories, photos and more
  • You’re interested in making a website but are intimidated by technology

Whether you're recording your family's history, trying to track down lost kin or looking for a central place to share family photos, a personal website is the answer you've been waiting for. Thankfully, a number of free website platforms are available online, and this course will teach you how to use them in just four weeks! By the end of the class you’ll be web-savvy and ready to jolt your genealogy into the 21st century.


  • Step-by-step guides for building a website on free platforms such as, Google Sites, Weebly, Blogger and Wordpress
  • How to speak the language of the web
  • Best practices for a good website
  • Theme ideas for a family website
  • Protecting your privacy online


Course Outline

Lesson 1:  Web Building Basics     
       A.    Why build a family website?
       B.    A thumbnail look at copyright law
       C.    Dealing with overwhelm
       D.    Geek Speak: The language of the Web
       E.    The essentials of a good website
       F.     Samples of family tree sites
       G.    How to guard your family’s sensitive information
       H.    Optimizing Your Site for Mobile Devices
       I.      Resources

Lesson 2: Web Site Platforms
A.    Introduction
       B.    Pre-formatted sites
       C.    Google Sites
              I.    Setup
              II.    Site Appearance: Themes and Layout
              III.    Privacy Settings
              IV.    Additional Help
              V.    Example
       D.    Weebly
              I.    Setup
              II.    Themes
              III.    Privacy Settings
              IV.    Additional Help
              V.    Example

Lesson 3: Build a Site on Blogger or Wordpress
       A.    Introduction
       B.    Blogger
               I.    How to set up a Blogger account
              II.    Choosing a Blogger template
              III.    Adding gadgets
              IV.    Setting up post elements
              V.    Your first post
              VI.    Examples of sites built with Blogger
              I. How to set up a Wordpress account
              II. Choosing a Wordpress theme
              III. Adding widgets
              IV. Wordpress settings
              V. Exploring the dashboard
              VI. Writing posts
              VII.    Adding images to your posts
              VIII.    Examples of sites built with Wordpress
       D.    Resources

Lesson 4: Let’s Launch!
       A.    Pick your platform
       B.    Elements of your website
       C.    Planning content
              I.  research
              II. stories
              III. photos
              IV. genealogy
              V. historic events
      D.    How to cite online references
      E.     Sharing your site with others
      F.     Resources
      G.    Summary